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Beulah Dental is a state of the art facility which offers the latest advancements in dentistry in an esthetically pleasing and soothing environment. Our mission is to provide our patients with friendly, safe, painless, high quality dental care. Our commitment to our patients begins with helping them achieve excellent oral health and a beautiful smile to showcase it!

Personalized Service

From the moment you step into our office, you will be treated with personalized care. We are not a dental mill where patients are herded in and the doctor jumps from chair to chair every few minutes. Dr. Vo believes in giving each patient her undivided attention. Patients are never rushed and are encouraged to ask questions.

We care about your office experience and our entire staff have the same beliefs of courteous and friendly care. We also strive to make your treatment sas pain-free as possible. The most common compliment Dr. Vo receives is how gentle she practices her dentistry. Along with her skill, we have invested in technology to help alleviate most patients’ #1 fear with dental treatment by using a Computer-Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery (C-CLAD™) system. Getting anethesized for dental procedures DOES NOT need to be painful anymore!

Patient Education

Dr Vo believes that patient education is an important part of a healthy smile. Both patient and doctor must work together in harmony and in open communication so that not only can a beautiful smile can be achieved but excellent oral health be maintained. As a result, Dr. Vo believes in educating the patient so that the patient understands his/her dental condition. Treatment plans are thoroughly explained, so you fully understand what needs to be done to get you back to good oral health.


Our office complies with OSHA and the American Dental Association guidelines for infection control to ensure the safety of patients and staff. We voluntarily monitor our sterilization equipment via an independent firm to verify it is working optimally. We are not willing to put your safety and our reputation at risk.

Our practice provides the following dental health services:


  • Comprehensive exam and patient education.
  • Digital Radiography – state of the art digital imaging reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% versus traditional film x-rays.
  • Diagnodent – special laser allows us to diagnose cavities at the very early stages which makes treatment less invasive – often without any pain and anesthesia!
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and sensitive (to hot/cold) teeth treatments.
  • Intra-oral cameras – allows us to take pictures of your teeth. You are able to see what the doctor sees! This tool is invaluable for patient education!

Children’s Dentistry

Computerized Anesthesia

  • Virtually painless injections!

Cosmetic Dentistry


Night/Occlusal Guards and Athletic Mouth Guards

Root Canal Therapy

  • Emergency dental care



  • Periodontal scaling & root planing (deep cleaning)
  • Arestin (antibiotic) treatment


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